October 25-28, 2024
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Mike Howard

Mike Howard

Former Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Microsoft Corporation

Mike Howard, Former Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Microsoft Corporation, held global responsibility for vital security functions including operations, investigations, risk mitigation, crisis management, executive protection, security technology, strategy, intelligence, and employee awareness. Mike was the CSO of Microsoft for 16 years.

Mike led development of Microsoft’s interconnected Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs), which oversee Global Security monitoring and response, and have become well known in the security field as a leading model for conducting operations globally. Looking to the future, Mike has steered Microsoft Global Security in the transition to a Virtual Security Operation Center (VSOC), leveraging the power of mobility and the cloud.

The GSOCs, which were based in the United States, the UK and India, became well known in the security field as a leading model for conducting operations globally.

As a security leader, Mike contributed to the field through key roles in numerous industry organizations: CSO Roundtable Advisory Board, Past President; International Security Management Association (ISMA), Past President; Security Industry Association (SIA), Board of Directors (former); and U.S. State Department Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), Technical Threats and Risk Committee (Former Head)

Mike spent 22 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, finishing as a Chief of Station. Mike also worked in the CIA’s Office of Security and served on the security staff of the Director of Central Intelligence. He worked in the Counterterrorism Center, ran global programs, and served in assignments around the world. He was executive officer for the Office of Military Affairs and a special investigator for the Office of Inspector General.

Mike also served as a law enforcement officer with the Oakland, California, police in the late 1970s. He holds a BS in criminal justice administration from San Jose State University with a minor in Sociology.

Mike speaks regularly as a subject matter expert on security and leadership while using his extensive security background to help drive industry innovation. He has been profiled in the security press, including Security Technology Executive and Security magazines. And was named one of the most influential people in security by Security 500 in 2010 and 2013, and the #2 Most Influential person in Fire & Security in 2013 by IFSEC. Mike received the Don Walker Award in 2018 from the ASIS Board of Directors for Enterprise Security Executive Leadership. Mike is also enthusiastic about mentoring the next generation of security leaders and is currently doing so in various capacities. Post Microsoft, Mike is President Sayuri Publications, LLC, as his passion is now writing. Since retiring from Microsoft, Mike has had three books published (two on leadership and one, an action thriller) with another action thriller coming out in December 2023. Two of his books, “The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies” and “Full Circle” were Amazon bestsellers in numerous countries.

Mike also currently serves as the President of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation Board of Directors, is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and, he and his wife Janice have started the Michael and Janice Howard Foundation which provides resources for disadvantaged youth in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. And, Mike, through his wife, has finally learned to love chihuahuas and they own a two year old chihuahua named Kiku.

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